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Physics: Business Studies

The specialisation Physics and Science Based Business (SBB) offers students the possibility to combine physics with knowledge, insights, and skills in the area of Management, Business and Entrepreneuship.
Students are encouraged to broaden their horizon, to form opinions, to prepare for a career in industry, and to enhance their skills and competencies in pursuing entrepreneurial business opportunities stemming from research disciplines.
The 2-year programme consists of a Physics component to be followed in the first year, and a Science Based Business (SBB) or Research Based Business (RBB) component, to be followed in the second year.
Students who complete the specialisations Physics and Science Based Business are also admissible to a PhD programme.

Physics Programme (60 EC):

Mandatory Courses (15 EC)
Research Project (36 EC)
Electives (9 EC)

Science Based Business (SBB) or Research Based Busines Programme (RBB) (60 EC)

Within the SBB/RBB component in the second year, students can choose between the:
1. Management Track
2. New Technology Venture Track

For more details see below.

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Physics: Business Studies

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

1.Physics programme 60 EC:

Mandatory Courses 15 EC

Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Quantum Theory 6
Statistical Physics a 6

Research Project 36 EC

Research =30 EC
Thesis =4 EC
Presentation =2 EC

Master specialisation Biological and Soft Matter Physics Master specialisation Cosmology Master specialisation Quantum Matter and Optics

2.Business Studies programme 60 EC: selection from two different tracks

Management Track

New Technology Ventures Track