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1. Description

The Practicum Musicae Honours is designed to take instrumental lessons at a high level while also pursuing the Honours College with an emphasis in Artistic Research.

This program allows students to complete (a part of) the Practicum Musicae (PM) program within the Honours College. PM consists of three levels covering three years of study: PM1, PM2 and PM3. Every level counts for 10 EC and includes a practical component (instruction), coaching and a theoretical component (Elementary Music Theory).

This Honours College further requires a Capstone Project (5 EC) and any Honours Class (5 EC), so students need at least two years of PM to receive the 30 EC for their Honours College track.

Music Performance Honours College is a 300-level program.

2. Requirements

Students have to be accepted for both PM and the Honours Academy.

In order to apply for this Honours College the student has to apply for the regular PM program. This application process is described on the website of the Royal Conservatoire.

Students will be invited for a live audition based on three submitted recordings, which will be judged by a committee of the Royal Conservatoire. A student may be requested to send more material or to take a trial lesson. Admittance is based on the committee's evaluation.

In order to be accepted, the student has to prove that he or she can achieve the level of a starting Bachelor of Music student within three years. The level of PM students usually exceeds this requirement, and the high number of applications resulted in a quota of 25 students.

Application deadline is March 1, 2021. For students of Leiden exceptions can be made, if their resume and motivation essay promise a great talent.

3. Mode of Instruction and Main Language

The PM part:

  • Individual instruction: 50 minutes / week

  • Individual coaching or Duo Class: 25 minutes per two weeks

  • Elementary Music Theory: 75 minutes per week

The Honours part:

  • Any Honours Class

  • The Humanities Lab Capstone Track

English is the main language for the Capstone Project, other classes can be Dutch if that's convenien for everyone.

4. Scheduling

The Capstone Project takes place on Friday afternoons, the Honours Classes are scheduled at a fixed time.

PM lessons and seminars take place throughout the first as well as the second semester. The individual lessons, including the coachings/combo's or duo lessons, are arranged by the teachers based on mutual availability.

Music theory seminars (EMT) are offered multiple times throughout the week. Students can apply for the lesson time that best works within their Leiden University study schedule.

6. Examination

Every year of PM is concluded with exam judge by a small commitee consisting of Conservatoire teachers. It usually takes 20 minutes and takes place in May or June. The repertoire is decided in accordance with the instructor.

The student proceeds to the next level of PM if the preceding exam was completed satisfactory.

Students who are already enrolled in PM1 can start the Honours Track from their second year on without any extra audition. (The PM1 exam will serve as audition.)

Elemental Music Theory has a written exam.

The Capstone Track has its own final event, described on the website of Humanities Lab.

6. Application and further information

More information you will find on the website of Honours College Humanities Lab

In order to apply, you need to apply both at Practicum Musicae and Honours College FGW.

If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Cartens op