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Responsible Innovation

The minor Responsible Innovation is a unique collaboration between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The programme offers in-depth insight into how responsible innovation can be accomplished and promoted. During this minor you will be introduced to the technical, managerial and socio-economic principles that govern innovation, and discuss ethical and other conditions for innovating responsibly. You will learn how responsible innovation can be defined and analysed; how it can be done and managed at the level of a project team, of a company and of an entire economic system; and how responsible innovation can be promoted and irresponsible innovation avoided.

In this minor, we combine the unique knowledge and skills of TU Delft, Leiden and Erasmus Rotterdam. The students and teachers come from the different universities, and bring with them their own focus, expertise and perspectives.

Maximum number of students: 90 (30 students of each university)

Prospectus number: 5000MREIN

Number study activity: 1046

Language: English


LEI students 2 May to 15 July 2022

TUD and EUR students 2 May to 31 May 2022


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Student Project Group 1 6
Introduction to Responsible Innovation 3
Digital Technologies and Power: The Atlas of AI 3
Innovation & Standardisation Management 3
Student Project Group 2 6
Ethics, Culture and Biotechnology 3
Responsible Innovation Management 3
Responsible Management of Risk, Safety and Security 3

Target group

Target group

Are you interested in working together with students from various disciplines from Delft, Rotterdam, and Leiden and do you think that social and cultural values as well as the planet should be taken into account during innovation? If so, this English-taught minor could be right for you!

The minor is open to all third-year bachelor students of the three LDE universities who successfully completed their first year-programme (propedeuse). Students may choose between a minor of 15 EC (courses in block I) and a minor of 30 EC (courses in blocks I+II).

We aim at students who are passionate about understanding dilemmas in responsible innovation. The following common features describe our target group:

  • Societal conscience: you have a vision to understand dilemmas in responsible innovation;

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: you are open minded with a flexible and proactive attitude;

  • Value-driven: you have a wish to contribute to financial, ecological, and social sustainability.

We are looking for a high diversity of interests and backgrounds, in order to have strong cross-disciplinary teams with higher and more effective innovation capacity!

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  • Extent: 30 EC

  • Intended for: all third year students of the LDE universities who succesfully completed their first year-programme (propedeuse)

  • Language of instruction: English

  • Coordinator: Lotte Pet

  • Board of Examiners: Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen

  • Registration:
    LEI students 2 May to 15 July 2022
    TUD and EUR students 2 May to 31 May 2022

Register for the minor activity via uSis.
NB: After you have registered for the minor, you must also register for the individual courses.


Students can also opt for a 15 EC package of courses. This will consist of the four regular courses of the first block. It is not possible to opt for this package in the second block.


To participate in the minor Responsible Innovation, an active or a definitive enrolment for a Bachelor’s programme at one of the LDE universities before 1 September 2022 is required.

Register for the minor at your home university between 2 May (13:00 hrs) up to 31 May 2022 (13:00 hrs):