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Cyber Security


This academic executive master’s programme is developed by Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. They have combined their knowledge and expertise in education for professionals in this field in the Cyber Security Academy (CSA) in The Hague. Also various private partners are involved. Leiden University is responsible for the programme. Upon successful completion of the programme participants receive the diploma Master of Science (MSc) from Leiden University.

The academic executive master’s programme Cyber Security is multidisciplinary; the programme covers technological as well as legal, administrative, economic and psychological aspects of digital security. Participants can either choose a technical or a governance specialisation.

The master’s programme is part time and lasts two years (including thesis). The programme consists of four phases: conceptualisation, specialisation, elaboration and research.

Lectures are hosted at our campus in The Hague.

Admission for this master’s programme only takes place after an intake. For more information please visit Leiden University's website.

Year 1

The master's programme starts each year in February with the conceptualisation phase.
Block 1: Introduction to cyberspace
Block 2: Introduction to Cyber Security
Block 3: Cyber Risk

In the second semester of the first year (starting September) the specialisation phase starts, which ends in the first semester of the second year (February - March).

Specialisation Technical

Block 1: Legal Perspectives on Cyber Security and Cyber Security Economics
Block 2: Technical Measures and Interventions
Block 3: Network Security

Specialisation Governance

Block 1: Legal Perspectives on Cyber Security and Cyber Security Economics
Block 2: Cyber Security Management in Organisations
Block 3: Regulating Security in Cyberspace

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2


Cyber Security Economics 3
Legal Perspectives on Cyber Security 4
Introduction to cyberspace 5
Cyber Risk 5
Introduction to Cyber Security 5

Specialisation Technical

Technical Measures and Interventions 5
Network Security 5

Specialisation Governance

Cyber Security Management in Organisations 5
Regulating Security in Cyberspace 5

Year 2

The second year of the master Cyber Security starts with the last block of the specialisation phase (February-March). The remainder of the first semester of the second year (April- July) comprises the Elaboration phase.

Block 1: Case Studies in Cyber Security - specialisation Technical
Block 1: Global Politics of Cybersecurity - specialisation Governance
Block 2 and 3: Elaboration phase - choose 2 electives out of the available 4.

The second year ends with the Research phase (September-January).
Block 1 to 3: Thesis

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Specialisation Technical

Case Studies in Cyber Security 5

Specialisation Governance

Global Politics of Cyber Security 5

Elaboration: Choose 2 out of 4 electives

5 days from 9.30 until 17.00 in April and May 2021 for the first elective.
5 days from 9.30 until 17.00 in June and July 2021 for the second elective.

Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems 4
Data Mining for Cyber Security 4
Actors and Behaviour in Cyberspace 4
Cyber Crisis Management & Communication 4


Thesis 15