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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Child Neuropsychology: Theory and Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 5
Child Protection And Children's Rights 5
Children In The Justice System 5
Children's Rights And Digital Technologies 5
Children’s Rights 5
Children’s Rights from an International Comparative Perspective 5
Chile Visiting Chair 2021 10
China and Global Cyberspace 10
China and Global Cyberspace (ResMA) 10
China and the Global Political Economy 5
China from the Margins. A Coastal and South Perspective up to 1900 5
China-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order 10
China's International Political Economy 10
China's International Political Economy (ResMA) 10
Chinese Buddhism 5
Chinese Filosofie II 5
Chinese Filosofie III 5
Chinese geschiedenis tot 1911 5
Chinese History in a Global Context I 5
Chinese History in a Global Context II 5
Chinese literatuur en samenleving: tekst, macht en geld 5
Chinese literatuur: poëzie van het Boek der Oden tot WeChat 5
Chinese Literatuur: proza & film van Zhuangzi tot Wong Kar-wai 5
Chinese Taalkunde: ideeën over het Chinees 5
Chinese taalkunde: typologie 5
Choice of other regional courses 10
Choose 1
Christendom: de basics 5
Christianity, Nationhood, and Citizenship: Historical Perspectives on the Dutch Case (16th Century-Present) 10
Chronische Aandoeningen 12
Cinema & Letteratura nel Novecento Italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Cinema and Photography: Methodology 5
Cinema and Photography: Theory 5
Cinema e Literatura no Brasil: Viagens Intermediáticas (LK5) 5
Cinema en digitalisering 5
Cinema: Avant-garde (Stromingen 2) 5
Cinema: Avant-garde/Expanded Cinema (Stromingen 2) 5
Cinema: Complexe Narratieven 5
Cinema: Postmodernisme (Stromingen 3) 5
Cinema: Realisme en Modernisme (Stromingen 1) 5
Circular Economy 5
Circular Economy: from Challenge to Opportunity 10
CIS: Film-making for scientists 1
CIS: Presenting like a Pro 1
Civilians in Conflict 10
Classical Cultures of South and Southeast Asia: Seminar 1 5
Classical Electrodynamics 4
Classical Mechanics b 3
Classical Readings: Descartes' Discours de la méthode 5
Classics and Ancient Civilizations MA-Seminar 5