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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Synthetic Organic Chemistry 5
Systematics and Biodiversity 6
Systems Development (ICTiB&PS) 3
Systems Optimisation 3
Taal en Communicatie 5
Taal en media 5
Taal mentaal 1 5
Taal Mentaal 2 5
Taal sociaal 5
Taalkunde en Retorica 5
Taalkunde I 5
Talen van de Wereld 5
Technology and Society: Values and Norms 5
Tell el-Dab’a Seminar 5
Text Mining 6
The Adolescent Brain 5
The Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire 5
The Electronic Structure of Solids 6
The European Union Today 5
The Gatekeepers: secret services in the democratic legal order 5
The History of European Integration 5
The Indian Ocean World: Sailors, Scholars, Slaves 5
The learning brain 5
The learning brain 5
The Making of the Modern Middle East (1870-1940) 10
The Political Economy of the European Union 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
The Social Roles of Art in the Modern and Contemporary Period 5
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Theory of Condensed Matter 6
Theory of General Relativity 6
Theory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties (TSMP) 6
Tibet: State and Society 5
Tibetan 1 10
Tibetan 2 10
Tools and Theories in the Study of Religion: Historical, Cognitive, and Social-Scientific Approaches 10
Top Lectures in Biology 3
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6
Topics in Chinese Art History, Things and Paths: Approaches to Chinese Art and Material Culture 10
Topics in Theoretical Physics: Cosmological Windows into Fundamental Physics 6
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Translational Neuroscience 15
Tribes and Nomads in the Old Babylonian Period (2000-1600 BCE) 10
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods 6
Turkish through Media 5
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial Sumerian 5
Tweedetaalverwerving: de invloed van moedertaal en taalaanleg 5
Tweedetaalverwerving: didactiek en toetsing 5