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Naam Type
* European Politics and Society: Vaclav Havel Joint Master Programme (joint degree) Master
* International Relations: Culture and Politics Master
* International Relations: European Union Studies Master
* International Relations: Global Conflict in the Modern Era Master
* International Relations: Global Order in Historical Perspective Master
* International Relations: Global Political Economy Master
*Arts and Culture Master
*Philosophy 120 EC: Philosophy in World Traditions Master
*Philosophy 120 EC: Philosophy of Humanities Master
*Philosophy 120 EC: Philosophy of Law, Governance, and Politics Master
*Philosophy 60 EC: Global and Comparative Philosophy Master
*Philosophy 60 EC: Modern European Philosophy Master
*Philosophy 60 EC: Moral and Political Philosophy Master
*Philosophy 60 EC: Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy Master
*Philosophy 60 EC: Philosophy of Knowledge Master
African Studies Master
African Studies (Research) Master
Air and Space Law (Advanced Master Programme) Master
Air and Space Law Blended Learning (Advanced Master Programme) Deeltijd Master
Archeologie: MA Applied Archaeology Master
Archeologie: MA Global Archaeology Master
Archeologie: MA Heritage and Museum Studies Master
Archeologie: MSc Archaeological Science Master
Archeologie: Research Master Master
Arts and Culture: Art History Master
Arts and Culture: Museum Studies Master
Arts, Literature and Media (Research) Master
Asian Studies (120 EC): Chinese Studies Master
Asian Studies (120 EC): Japanese Studies Master
Asian Studies (120 EC): Korean Studies Master
Asian Studies (60 EC): East Asian Studies Master
Asian Studies (60 EC): History, Arts and Culture of Asia Master
Asian Studies (60 EC): Politics, Society and Economy Master
Asian Studies (60 EC): South Asian Studies Master
Asian Studies (60 EC): Southeast Asian Studies Master
Asian Studies (Research) Master
Astronomy Master
Astronomy and Business Studies Master
Astronomy and Cosmology Master
Astronomy and Data Science Master
Astronomy and Education Master
Astronomy and Instrumentation Master
Astronomy and Science Communication and Society Master
Astronomy Research Master
Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences Master
Biology: Biodiversity and Sustainability Master
Biology: Biology and Business Studies Master
Biology: Biology and Education Master
Biology: Biology and Science Communication & Society Master
Biology: Evolutionary Biology Master