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Science and Research Based Business

Description of the programme

The programme for the 30 EC Minor Science & Research Based Business consists of two full-time courses:

  • Science Based Business Fundamentals (15 ects)

  • Principles of Research Based Business (15 ects)

The ‘Science Based Business Fundamentals’ course is made to help broaden your horizon and to find out whether you would enjoy working in business and industry. You become acquainted with some of the major organizational and commercial principles, you improve your personal skills, and you also get an idea of the opportunities in the business sector.

The programme for the ‘Principles of Research Based Business’ course focuses on the process between acquiring new knowledge and actually applying this knowledge in innovation and business, by planning new activities and starting up new companies based on knowledge generated in the exact and natural sciences. This is also known as new business development, and seen as the key condition for an innovative society.

Pivotal in this process are people who understand science as well as the business sector and are able to bring the two together. Scientists develop knowledge that enables them to discover new medicines, more sustainable materials, healthier nutrition, smarter software and safer chemicals, but how do they apply this knowledge in practice? This often involves resolving complicated issues relating to patent protection, safety for people and the environment, financial conditions, and acceptance by the authorities.

How to enroll

If you are interested in (a part of ) the S&RBB minor, please let us know by filling out the registration form.
This will help us prepare for the course.
Please note: you will have to (also) register in USIS. Registration in USIS starts on May 1. 2012 and continues until the maximum number of 30 students has been enrolled. The minimum number of students for this Minor program is 15.


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Science Based Business Fundamentals, Bachelor Edition 15

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The purpose of the Science & Research Based Business minor is to form an opinion on and prepare for a career in industry and to enhance competencies with a view to pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities later in your research career.

Our economy is in need of people who can forge links between science and the market for new, innovative products. Not only science-driven companies, also consultancies, banks and the government are keen to recruit people who combine general scientific skills with commercial insight.

In this minor you will acquire knowledge and skills of management, business and entrepreneurship in both established and start-up companies with emphasis on business in Science & Technology driven industries. These competencies suit any career, both in business and academia.

The S&RBB minor can give you a better idea of the options open to you by helping you develop the following:

  • insight into the relationship between science, research and business,

  • insight into career prospects in science-based business,

  • basic knowledge on the commercial aspects of science and research-based business,

  • skills in crystalizing science-based business activities into marketing and project plans,

  • skills in identifying, assessing and developing business opportunities arising from scientific research, and drawing up a business plan for operations.

Finally, it may also help you in your decision which study to choose if you want to continue as a master student.

PLEASE NOTE: the S&RBB minor is taught in English.

Description of the programme

The programme for this minor comprises two full-time 15 EC courses:

  • Science Based Business Fundamentals, Bachelors Editions

  • Principles of Research Based Business

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Total number of ects credits for the S&RBB minor: 30

S&RBB minor also applicable for non-Science students

The S&RBB minor is open to all 3rd year Bachelor students who are in science or have an affinity with Science & Technology. Students with no science background will not only learn about business, they will also get a general idea how science can be a source for business. This will be useful for example, if you are a Law student who is interested in working in or for the Biotech or pharmaceutical industry, or a Psychology student with an interest in HRM or a Humanities student with an interest in Corporate Communication in science based business.

Course periods

The entire S&RBB Minor is a full-time programme spread out over six months:

  • Science Based Business Fundamentals, Bachelor Edition, which starts on Monday September 3 2012. The course lasts for 10 weeks and finishes on November 9 2011

  • Principles of Research Based Business, which starts on Monday November 12 2012. The course lasts for 10 weeks and finishes on February 1, 2013.

Further information

If you have any quistions about the programme or SBB in general, please contact us via