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Exchange Dutch Studies / International Studies 2014-2015

The Exchange Dutch Studies/International studies course package is a way for exchange students to take part in courses from our BA International Studies programme, which are normally not open to them. The courses, given in the fall term and offered in combination with several Dutch studies courses, provide an attractive package that gives an introduction to the topics of International and Dutch Studies.

The courses are scheduled in such a way that they can all be taken together without concerns about course conflicts. The International Studies courses that are a part of this package (“Politics”, “Globalisation, Culture and Language” and “Introduction to Area Studies”) can only be taken as a part of this package. The Dutch Studies courses (“Introduction to Dutch Studies” and “Dutch Painting”) can be taken as individual courses outside of this package.

If you are interested in taking this package, you can list “The Exchange Dutch Studies/International studies course package” in your online application. The package is worth 30 ECTS, so no further courses are needed for the semester.

*Please note that the International Studies courses take place in The Hague, and the Dutch Studies courses take place in Leiden. This has been taken into account in the schedule.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Politics 5
Globalisation, Culture and Language 5
Introduction to Area Studies 5
Introduction to Dutch Studies 5
Dutch Painting 1400 – 1950: Introduction to the Art History of the Netherlands, Cultuurwetenschap I 10