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Vitality and Ageing

The ‘Vitality and Ageing’ master’s degree is tailored for students who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of elderly people. The master focuses on:

  • biological and social aspects of the ageing process (gerontology)

  • aspects of the medical care for elderly people (geriatrics)

  • organisation and management of the care process for elderly people.

Degree Programme Structure
The Vitality and Ageing master’s degree is an intensive programme that goes beyond attending lectures and participating in work groups. Students are expected to do more than merely absorb facts. The degree programme lasts one academic year and is divided into three thematic trimesters:

  • gerontology

  • geriatrics

  • healthcare structure

Through the curriculum students work on obtaining basic skills including:

  • academic development,

  • clinical research,

  • management and leadership,

  • communication (both verbal and written), and

  • teamwork.

Contact information:
If you have any questions about the Master or your registration, please contact the study advisor of Vitality & Ageing: