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Advanced Molecular Science and Technology


The minor program Advanced Molecular Science and Technology (MST) is made for (international) students which are interested in advanced chemistry or chemical engineering courses.


Depending on your background you can choose a combination of courses of your interest. Realize that you have sufficient knowledge to start these courses.

Generally, we expect that student have finished successfully the first and second year courses of the bachelor MST. In the last case you’re admitted directly to the program. However, courses may not overlap with courses that are not already part of your major. Other interested students are accessible depending on their prior knowledge. Please contact the program director Peter Hamersma or program coordinator Maaike Swarte.

Language of instruction

Dutch and/or English. Most classes will be taught in English, however, if you are an international student please inform yourself in advance.

Important notice

This is a free minor program that allows students to choose from a diversity of courses. The definite list of the courses for the minor Advanced MST 2017/2018 will be announced soon.

Studiability: be aware that these courses fit in your own timetable, sometimes there is an overlap in lecture times.


Choose 5 courses and register via the “vrije minor formulier” (free minor form) for the Minor Advanced MST via Liesbeth van der Velden

How to start: To participate in the courses, registration in USIS (Leiden) or OSIRIS ((Delft) is obligatory. For information on the courses: see Blackboard Delft or Blackboard Leiden.

Information and Contact

Detailed information and a schedule can be found at the course ‘Minor Advanced MS&T’ on Blackboard-Leiden.
Coordinator: Drs. M.P.Swarte