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Physics: Research in Physics, Casimir pre-PhD

Programme Research in Physics, pre-PhD (Casimir)

Below you will find the outline for the specialisation progamme pre-PhD Casimir.
With regard to electives you have the option to choose electives from related study programmes. Always consult your Study Advisor Physics for advice.
There are a few electives that will be offered next year (with reservations).These electives can be found in the Course and Examination Regulations available on the menu on the right.

Study Plan

At the start of the Master’s programme, students are required to create a study plan: this plan includes a complete list of planned courses and projects for two subsequent academic years in consultation with the Study Advisor Physics

Other Master Physics specialisations

Research Specialisations
Biological and Soft Matter Physics
Quantum Matter and Optics
Theoretical Physics
Interdisciplinary Specialisations
Science-Based Business
Science Communication and Society

Physics: Research in Physics, Casimir pre-PhD

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Mandatory Courses 15 EC

Academic and Professional Skills 3
Quantum Theory 6
Statistical Physics a 6

Electives 45 EC:

1.Select form Casimir pre-PhD courses in Delft and/or
2.Select from MSc Physics courses -see specialisations

1.Electives form Casimir pre-PhD courses in Delft

Foundation courses

Advanced Electrodynamics
Advanced Solid State Physics
Continuum Physics

Topic related courses
Evolution and Engineering of living systems
Fundamentals of Quantum Information
Mesoscopic Physics
Molecular Electronics
Physics of Semiconductor Nanodevices
Quantum Communication and Cryptography
Quantum Hardware
Quantum Optics and Lasers
The origins in Life
Topology in Condensed Matter


Computational Physics (3 EC)
Computational Physics (6 EC)
Electronics for Quantum Computing
Molecular Electronics

2.Electives from MSc Physics Courses

Master specialisation Biological and Soft Matter Physics
Master specialisation Cosmology
Master specialisation Quantum Matter and Optics
Master specialisation Theoretical Physics

Research project Physics 36 EC

Research = 30 EC
Thesis = 4 EC
Presentation =2 EC

Study Projects 16 EC

Study Projects > 2 x 8 EC projects

Writing Proposal 8 EC