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Physics: Research in Physics, Classical/Quantum Information

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Physics programme (60 EC)

Mandatory courses (30EC)

Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Computational Physics (6 EC) 6
Quantum Information 3
Statistical Physics a 6
Introduction to Machine Learning 6
Physics and Classical / Quantum Information 6

Choice of 2 courses from the list of core courses

Advances in Deep Learning 6
Applied Quantum Algorithms 6
Introduction to Deep Learning 6
Foundations of Statistics and Machine Learning 6
Reinforcement Learning 6
Statistical learning 6

Electives ≥12EC (from either the list of core courses or the list of courses below, and max. 6EC from MSc programmes outside Physics)

Automated Machine Learning 6
Complex Networks (BM) 6
Econophysics 6
Quantum Theory 6
Statistical Physics b 3

Research Project in Physics with Data Science

Research project (36EC)
Research: 30 EC
Thesis: 4 EC
Presentation: 2 EC

Second small research project or internship (24 EC)
Research: 20 EC
Thesis: 3 EC
Presentation: 1 EC

All research projects are performed under the responsibility of a LION staff member. The main research project can be extended to 42 EC (research=36 EC, thesis=4 EC, presentation=2 EC) and combined with a smaller 18 EC project or internship, with the approval of the Study Advisor and the Board of Examiners .