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Elective Research Master


In the schedule of the Research Master’s Degree Programme six electives are programmed: four (20 ects) in the first year and two (10 ects) in the second year.

Electives up to a minimum of 20 ects have to be chosen from the following courses offered by the Institute of Education and Child Studies:

Please note that the courses marked with ** are mandatory for students who obtained their Bachelor’s Degree Pedagogische Wetenschappen (specialisation Orthopedagogiek of Leerproblemen) at Leiden University and wish to qualify for the NVO-registratie Basis-Orthopedagoog. In addition also one of the five Clinical assessment and treatment specialisations is mandatory:

Students who obtained the Bachelor’s Degree Pedagogische Wetenschappen (specialisatie Gezinspedagogiek) at Leiden University and wish to qualify for the NVO-registratie Basis-Orthopedagoog the following Mastercourses are mandatory:

For all students pursuing the NVO-registratie Basis-Orthopedagoog special requirements also apply for the internship.

Electives up to a maximum of 10 ects may be chosen from courses (level 500 – 600) on offer in other Master’s Degree programmes at Leiden University or other universities (to be decided after consultation with the supervisor and upon approval of the Board of Examiners).