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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
American Comics Against the Code: Autobiography and Journalism in Graphic Novels 10
AMS on site: Practices and Approaches 10
An American Century? The United States in the World since 1898 5
An archival VOC mentality? Archival issues in an early-modern Dutch-Asian context 10
An Argumentative Approach to Populism 10
An interdisciplinary perspective on human trafficking 5
An Introduction to Palaeoanthropology 5
Analyse 1 6
Analyse 1 NA 6
Analyse 2 6
Analyse 2 NA 6
Analyse 3 NA 6
Analyse van de Internationale Politiek 5
Analyse van Politiek-Filosofische Teksten 10
Analysis and synthesis of speech 5
Analysis of Literary texts, Language Acquisition II 5
Analytical Methodologies and Tools 6
Analytical techniques 3
Analytische chemie 1 6
Analyzing International Relations 5
Anatolian Historical Grammar 5
Anatolian Historical Linguistics 5
Anatolian Languages: Hittite and Luwian 5
Anatomie 3
Ancient Egyptian Law 5
Ancient Greek for Indo-Europeanists 5
Ancient Greek for Linguists I 5
Ancient Greek for Linguists II 5
Ancient Greek: Language Acquisition 1 (B/C-group) 5
Ancient Greek: Language Acquisition 1a (A-group) 5
Ancient Greek: Language Acquisition 2 (B/C-groep) 5
Ancient Greek: Language Acquisition 2a (A-Group) 5
Ancient historiography for ancient historians 5
Ancient History 2: From Romulus and Remus to Romulus Augustulus. An Overview over the History of Rome 5
Anglo-American Financial Law 5
Animal Personality 6
Animals in the Humanities 5
Anthropological Linguistics 5
Anthropological Linguistics 5
Anthropological Perspectives on Dying and End-of-life Care 5
Anthropology and Sociology of Modern Day South-East Asia 10
Anthropology and Sociology of Sub-Saharan Africa 10
Anthropology of Difference 5
Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality 5
Anthropology of Japan 10
Anthropology of Religion 10
Anti-immigration since the late nineteenth century 10
Antieke Wijsbegeerte Overzicht 1: Van Thales tot en met Plato 5
Antropologie en religie 5
Apotheekbereidingen en Analyse 11