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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The Gatekeepers: secret services in the democratic legal order 5
The German Language: Advanced 10
The German Language: Basics II 5
The German Language: Intermediate I 10
The Germanic Sandwich. German, Dutch and English 5
The Great divergence: welfare and the standard of living in a globalising world, 1750-1914 10
The Heritage of the West: The Classics & Intertextuality in Art & Literature 5
The History of European Integration 5
The History of Everyday Life under Authoritarian Regimes 10
The History of Morocco 5
The Indian Ocean in the Long Nineteenth Century 10
The Indian Ocean World: Sailors, Scholars, Slaves 5
The Insurance Contract 5
The Internal Market and Regulation 8
The Invention of the German Culture: Literature from 1700 till 1914 5
The Italian City State (1000-1500): a Comparative Perspective 10
The laboratory of the medievalist 5
The Latin American City 5
The Law & Practice of International Organizations - Practicum 10
The Law and the Individual 10
The learning brain 5
The learning child in a digital world 5
The Legal Foundations of the European Union 6
The Library: Knowledge Centre of the Past, Present and Future 5
The Linguistic Construction of Trust 5
The Linguistic Context of Biblical Hebrew 1 5
The Linguistic Context of Biblical Hebrew 2 5
The literary field 5
The Living Quran 5
The logic of the media and the public arena 5
The Making of the Modern Middle East (1870-1940) 10
The Many Faces of Translation: Language, Culture, Power, Art 5
The Material City 5
The Material Culture of the Classical World 5
The Maya Peoples: An Ancient Civilisation, Its Present and Future 5
The Medieval in Middle-Earth: J.R.R. Tolkien and the Anglo-Saxon World 10
The metamorphosis of Ovid’s Metamorphoses 5
The Middle Ages and Renaissance with Louis Couperus 10
The Middle East in the International Political Economy 10
The Middle East in the International Political Economy (ResMa) 10
The murder and its aftermath. The Holocaust and the Netherlands, 1940 to the present 5
The Nature and Practice of Lobbying in the EU 5
The Netherlands in Dutch Feature Films, Cultuurwetenschap I 5
The older individual 10
The Pathophysiology of Coagulation 6
The place of the political in literature and cinema 10
The Plague and the City in Premodernity 10
The Policy Cycle and the Administrative Arena 5
The Political Economy of Natural Resource-led Development 10
The Political Economy of the European Union 5