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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Sustainable Chemical Industry based on Non-Fossil Feedstocks 4
Sustainable Development: Big Issues New Answers 15
Syntax 1 5
Syntax 2 5
Synthetic Organic Chemistry 5
Systematics and Biodiversity 6
Systems Development (ICTiB&PS) 3
Systems Optimisation 3
Taal sociaal 5
Taalkunde en Retorica 5
Taalkunde I 5
Talen van de Wereld 5
Technology and Society: Values and Norms 5
Tell el-Dab’a Seminar 5
Text Mining 6
The Adolescent Brain 5
The Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire 5
The Dutch language as a cognitive system 5
The Dutch language as a cognitive system 2 5
The Electronic Structure of Solids 6
The European Union Today 5
The Gatekeepers: secret services in the democratic legal order 5
The Germanic Sandwich. German, Dutch and English 5
The History of European Integration 5
The Indian Ocean World: Sailors, Scholars, Slaves 5
The learning brain 5
The learning brain 5
The Making of the Modern Middle East (1870-1940) 10
The Netherlands in Dutch Feature Films, Cultuurwetenschap I 5
The place of the political in Latin American literature and cinema 10
The place of the political in Latin American literature and cinema 10
The Political Economy of the European Union 5
The Power of Words 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
The Social Roles of Art in the Modern and Contemporary Period 5
The Study of Historical Literature in Practice 5
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Theory of Condensed Matter 6
Theory of General Relativity 6
Theory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties (TSMP) 6
Think critically, write critically 5
Tibet: State and Society 5
Tibetan 1 10
Tibetan 2 10
Tools and Theories in the Study of Religion: Historical, Cognitive, and Social-Scientific Approaches 10
Top Lectures in Biology 3
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6
Topics in Chinese Art History, Things and Paths: Approaches to Chinese Art and Material Culture 10
Topics in Theoretical Physics: Cosmological Windows into Fundamental Physics 6