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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Machine Learning 6
Introduction to Middle Egyptian and the Hieroglyphic Script 10
Introduction to Modern Latin American History I 5
Introduction to Modern Latin American History II 5
Introduction to Psychology 5
Introduction to Public Administration 5
Introduction to Secret Affairs 5
Introduction to Sumerian 5
Introduction to the History of the Netherlands 5
Introduction to the Neurosciences 6
Introduction to the Study of Islam 5
Introduction to Video Game Making 6
IP Law in Science 5
Islam and Society 5
Issues Language Endangerment and Revitalization 5
Italiaans: Keuzepakket Paper (Lavoro scritto) 5
Italian Language I (elective course) 5
Italian Language II (elective course) 5
Italian Language III (elective course) 5
Italian Language Proficiency Ia 5
Italiano L2 e metodi per l’apprendimento dell’italiano come L2 10
Japan in the 21st Century 5
Jews and Judaism: An Introduction 5
Junior Research Project II Research 40/53
Keerpunten in de Geschiedenis van de Natuurwetenschappen 6
Key Developments in European Prehistory 5
Klanken van de Wereld 5
Klassieke Italiaanse letterkunde 5
L’Italia oggi 5
La tradizione poetica 5
Landscape Dynamics 1 5
Landscape Dynamics 2 5
Language and communication 5
Language and culture of the Indo-Europeans 5
Language and media 5
Language Contact 10
Language Documentation 5
Language Documentation 5
Language Use in the World 5
Languages of South and Southeast Asia: History, Context and Structure 5
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 6
Late Cursive (Abnormal) Hieratic Papyrology I 10
Latin America in Literature and Images 5
Latin American International Relations 5
Law and Artificial Intelligence 5
Law and Culture 5
Law and Governance in Africa 5
Law and Governance in Asia 5
Law and Security 5
Law and Society in Japan 5