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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Modern Dynamics (BM) 6
Modern history of Korea 5
Modern Japanese History 5
Modern Physics Research 3
Moderne Italiaanse letterkunde 5
Moderne Japanse Geschiedenis 5
Molecular Biology for Physicists 5
Morphology 5
Multivariate analysis and multidimensional data analysis 6
Museums, Cultural Heritage and Collections 10
Music between Work and Event 5
Music Cognition 5
Music x Technology 5
Music: Gregorian Chant 5
Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Nation building in Latin America 5
Nation, Community, Self: Questions of Culture in South and Southeast Asia 5
Nederlandse geschiedenis 1: Van Prehistorie tot Patriottentijd 5
Nederlandse geschiedenis 2: Van Napoleon tot Wilders, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Nederlandse letterkunde 1: Van Middeleeuwen tot Verlichting, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Nederlandse letterkunde 2: Van Romantiek tot heden, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Neurolinguistics 5
New developments in knowledge production 10
New Religions 5
Old Church Slavic Language and Culture 10
Old Norse 5
Old Persian 5
Optica 5
Optimalisering (Besliskunde 1) 6
Oral and Written Literature in Africa BA 3 5
Oral and Written Literature in Africa: BA2 5
Oral Literature: Research in Living Traditions 5
Oriëntatievak recht en economie 5
Origin and Structure of the Standard Model 3
Osmaanse Geschiedenis en Cultuur (1300-1922) 5
Overview of Western Music History 3
Overzicht Antieke Wijsbegeerte 2: van Aristoteles tot en met Neoplatonisme 5
Panoramic Overview: Language, Politics and Culture in the Middle East 5
Paragone: conflict en samenwerking tussen woord en beeld 10
Particle Physics and Early Universe 3
Perspectives in the Study and Professional Practice of Art History 5
Philology 1: Introduction to Middle English Language and Literature 5
Philology 2: Introduction to Old English Language and Literature 10
Philology 3: History of the English Language 5
Philology 4: Early Modern Everyday English 5
Philology 4: Highlights of Medieval English Literature 5
Philology 5: Late Modern English 10
Philology 5: Old English Literature and Culture 10
Philology 6: Middle English Literature and Culture 10
Philosophy of Culture 5