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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Bachelor project: Research, Thesis and Presentation (N+W) 24
Bachelor Research Project (S+W) 24
Bayesian Statistics 6
Beginners Course 1A - Language Acquisition I 15
Beyond the threat 5
Biblical Hebrew 1 10
Biblical Hebrew 2 5
Big Media 5
Bio-Informatics 8
Bio-Modeling 6
Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry 4
Biodiversity Law 5
Bioinorganic Catalysis (BIOC) 6
Biology of vitality and ageing 10
Biomaterials (BMAT) 6
Biomedical imaging 15
Biomedical Informatics (BMI) 6
Bionanotechnology (BNT) 6
Biophysics 6
Biophysics and Bioengineering for Pharmaceutical Sciences 4
Biopsychology and Neuropsychology 5
Biotechnology Science Projects and Entrepreneurship 12
Black Holes and Gravitational Waves 3
Blood-Brain Barrier: Drug Transport to the Brain 4
Bodies in a Social World. Philosophical Perspectives on Gender, Race, Sexuality and Age 5
Border Criminologies: Mobility and Criminalization (Honours College Law) 5
Border Criminologies: The Criminalization of Mobility 5
Border traffic: Dutch LIterature in Global Perspective 10
Borderlands in the Global South 5
Brazil: The Construction of a World Power 5
Buddhism and the State in Medieval China 5
Buddhist Art 5
Buddhist Art 5
Budgetary Politics of the EU: From Thatcher to Hamilton 5
Budgetary Politics of the EU: From Thatcher to Hamilton 5
Building Blocks of Matter 6
Building Blocks of Quantum Matter 6
Business Accounting 5
Business Analytics 5
Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics 4
Capolavori moderni e contemporanei 5
Case Study Market Regulation 5
Cellular therapies 15
Change Management and Cybersecurity Culture in Organisations 5
Chemical Immunology (CHI) 6
Chemistry and Physics of Solids (CPS) 6
Child Maltreatment and Youth Policy: Decisions and Implementation 5
Child Neuropsychology: Theory and Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 5
Children and the Law 5
China and Global Cyberspace 10