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Public Administration: Pre-master

This part of the e-guide provides a complete overview of the Pre-Master Programme of the Institute Public Administration. In your own Decision on Admission you can find which of the Pre-Master courses you have to follow before you can start with the Master Programme of Public Administration

Please check carefully at what location courses are taught. More information on the used abbrevations and the exact locations can be found under ‘addresses’.


How do you receive a LU-Card? Follow these steps


Campus The Hague is a faculty of Leiden University, located in The Hague. The Campus has several buildings. Mostly, we use “Casuaris” and “CDH-SH” for educational purposes.


Location Casuaristraat/Schouwburgstraat
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA Den Haag
The Netherlands


Location Stichthage
Koningin Julianaplein 10
2595 AA The Hague
Rooms is Stichthage do not have numbers but names, e.g. ‘Korte Voorhout’.

Route description


rooms like SCO1, SB41, 1A45 are rooms of FSW. FSW stands for Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen. This building is in Leiden.


Universitair Sport Centrum, LEIDEN


Via our website you can find the contact details of the study advisor, the Student Desk, the Board of Exams, all staff members and more.


What to do if you failed one or more Pre-master courses? What to do if have passed all courses. Read more about it!

What should I do if I failed a pre-mastercourse?

The coordinator of the course organises a meeting where you can look at your work and get some feedback. We advice you to go to this meeting to learn about the things you did correctly and the things that can be improved. This helps you with the preparations for the retake.

I have not passed all Pre-mastercourses. Can I start the Master anyway and take this course/these courses during the Master?

No, you cannot take Pre-Master courses during the Master. Succesfully finishing the Pre-Master is a condition for admission.

Does the Institute offer Pre-mastercourses during the second semester?

The Institute does not offer any Pre-mastercourses during the second semester.

Are there any other alternatives?

The Institute does not offer any Pre-mastercourses in the second semester. The Admission Committee selected some courses of the Open University as electives. If you are interested in taking these alternatives you can request the list via:

Fees and enrollment options differ per Open University. You will have to arrange this yourself. Public Administration offers no information on schedules, costs, literature etc. Please note that the Open University and Leiden University are not linked to each other.

Finished the Pre-Master courses?

Once you successfully passed all courses of the Pre-Master’s programme, you need to take two steps.

Step one: inform the Institute

Please send an email to

  • for students Public Administration and Crisis and Security Management: mrs. M. van Eijk

  • for students Management van de Publieke Sector: mrs. A. van Teijlingen

Please make sure that you mention your full name and student number!

Please note: you cannot start the Master’s Programme if you have not successfully passed are prescribed courses

Step 2: Register in Studielink

31 January is the latest date upon which you can enrol the Master’s programme in Studielink. This deadline is absolutely strict: enrolment via Studielink will close on 1 February and you will no longer be able to enrol on a programme. If you are unsure of passing all pre-master’s courses, it is recommended that you enrol on two programmes.

I need a 5-digid Student ID for Studielink? What’s that?

You find your 5-digid Student ID on your decision on admission. It looks like ‘Axxxxx’.

Should I deregister for the Bachelor in Studielink when I finished the Pre-Master?

If you are certain that you have finished, you can indeed deregister.


Library use / Leiden catalogue

How to search for books and articles in Leiden? And how do you get hold of the publications you have found, in digital or printed form?
How to quickly and easily search for books or articles of which you have some details? How to search books by subject? And finally how to get hold of the book or article? It might be available online!

Learning materials for all sorts of databases, like PiCarta, ERIC or Web of Science, can be found in the Manuals and demo’s on the Libraries website.

Blackboard manual

Blackboard is the online learning environment for the University of Leiden. A short manual

ULCN, Blackboard (BB) & USIS

Blackboard (BB) and uSIS


Through uSIS you will be able to:

  • Access your examination results

  • Register for examinations (if applicable) and cancel registrations.

  • Register for seminars and cancel registrations.

  • Change your study address.

uSIS helpdesk (instructions on enrolling)

When to register in uSIS?

Students are required to register for each course and each examination separately. This is possible from four weeks up to ten days before the start of the course or the date of the examination.
If you for what ever reason cannot register for a course or exam, please send an email to and ask the staff members to register you and do this BEFORE THE DEADLINE. Please insert your student number!


All students have access to the course materials that are posted on the Blackboard system, an e-learning tool for online learning and instruction. Blackboard facilitates the exchange of messages and documents between students and lecturers and among students. You can log in using your ULCN account, which consists of a username and a password.
Go to blackboard and then to ‘courses’. You need to enrol. It is important to check your courses on this site on a regular basis, since most of the information (literature, sheets, assignments, changes in the schedule) will be posted on Blackboard. Please note that you cannot register for a course through Blackboard. Registration for courses is only possible via uSIS (see above)!

When to enrol in Blackboard? When is the Blackboardpage opened?

Since Blackboard is not used as a means of official registration for courses, the co-ordinator of the course can decide whether he or she wishes to make use of Blackboard and when the relevant page will be made available to the students. If the students wants to know whether or not the co-ordinator intends to use blackboard, the student can best contact the co-ordinator.

The ULCN account

The ULCN account gives you access to all the necessary IT facilities of Leiden University until you have completed your programme. Together with the account, you are automatically assigned an e-mail box (uMail box).


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Staats- en Bestuursrecht 5
Bestuurskunde I: Openbaar Bestuur en Bestuurswetenschap 5
Research in Public Administration- in Dutch 5
Public Organisation and Policy Theory 10
Beleid 1: Beleids- en Besluitsvorming 5
Research in Public Administration- in English 5
Organisatie en Management (pre-master) 5
Openbare Financiën 5
Introduction to the EU 7
Sociology (Pre-Master) 5

Appointment study planning

Appointment study planning

From September onwards you can make an appointment to discuss your results, your study progress and (personal) problems with study advisor Jolanda den Heijer via mail. The walk-in consultation is on Monday from 15.00-16.00 hrs in room A305, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague (no appointment required).

Please note that Jolanda den Heijer is not part of the admission committee or the exam committe, so she cannot answer questions like:

  • Can I be exempted from course X?

  • Why do I need to take those prescribed courses?


Does not apply.