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Governance, Economics and Development (LUC)

Wrenching poverty, global inequality, violent political and ethnic strife, dead-locked unresponsive or even collapsing governments, growing dissatisfaction with democracy, missed opportunities for innovation, or warnings of impending environmental and social catastrophes going unheeded are merely some of the challenges of governance and development with which our programme aims to teach students to critically engage.

The BSc in Governance, Economics, and Development (GED) brings together knowledge from multiple disciplines to train students to begin their own journey to understanding the origins, challenges in alleviating, and possible solutions to these challenges, while training students in fundamental skills of clear writing, rigorous analysis, and state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research tools and methods.

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Major overview


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Calculus 5
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems 5
Foundations of Common Pool Resource Management 5
Principles of Economics 5
Introduction to Comparative Politics 5
Introduction to Epidemiology and Global Public Health 5


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Foundations of Research Design 5
Research Clinics Semester 1, 2015-2016 5
Geographic Information Systems 5
Institutions in Time 5
Quantitative Research Methods 5
Game Theory 5
Political Economy of Natural Resources 5
Decision-Making Processes 5
Environmental Modelling 5
Foundations of Finance 5
Medical Anthropology 5
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Microeconomics 5
Comparative Party Systems 5
Economic Development of Asia 5
Political and Economic Foundations of Law: Law and Governance in Asia 5
Research Clinics Semester 2, 2015-2016 5
Coming of Age in Africa: Gender, Generation, and Development 5
Life Cycle Analyses 5
Macroeconomics 5


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
History of Economic Thought 5
Human Security: Violence 5
Public Policy Analysis: Anti-Corruption 5
Economic Growth and Development 5
Public Policy Analysis: Agenda Setting 5
Environment & Development 5
Multilevel Governance 5
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 5
Corporate Governance 5
Human Security: Poverty 5
Advanced Geographic Information Systems 5
Law, Governance and Development 5
Advanced Political Economy 5
Environmental Economics 5
Health & Development: HIV/AIDS in Africa 5
Politics and Development of Africa 5