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Global Public Health (LUC)

In the Global Public Health (GPH) programme of Leiden University College you learn to make a difference in the health and well-being of populations. The main goal of this major is to learn skills to develop health education programmes for socially deprived groups and perform research to study main biomedical, social and environmental factors that can affect population health.

Although, the world has made tremendous progress in medicine, education and public sanitation and hygiene, global public health challenges such as socioeconomic inequality in child health, sexual and reproductive health and nutrition exist. Are you concerned with health challenges connected with social and cultural inequality, epidemics and the impact of environmental and biomedical factors on population health? Global Public Health might be the right major for you.

Major tracks:

  • Biomedical Sciences

  • Health & Environment (GPH/EES)

  • Health & Development

  • Health, Behavior & Society

Major requirements:

  • 10 EC: compulsory 100-level courses Introduction to Epidemiology & Global Public Health, Health Systems & Management.

  • 30 EC: complete two tracks, each with one 100-level, one 200-level, and one 300-level course

  • 10 EC: two methodology courses

  • 10 EC: Capstone

  • 20 EC: additional courses in the GPH Major, can be an additional track, extra methodology courses, etc.

  • NOTE: you have to take a total of four 300-level courses in the Major, which can include additional (300-level) methodology courses

Major overview: Link