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International Justice (LUC)

Major information: Link
Major overview: Link

Major requirements:

  • 15 EC: compulsory 100-level courses, namely Principles of Public International Law, Introduction to Socio-legal Studies, and Sovereignty & Statehood

  • 20 EC: complete two of the following core Major tracks: International Law, Human Rights & Society, and Integration & Statehood. Since you will have already completed the 100-level courses of each of these tracks (see above), you will need to complete an additional 10 EC (200-level course + 300-level course) to complete one track.

  • 10/15 EC: complete one additional track, either a third core track or one of the co-convened tracks

  • 15 EC: complete Research Design in International Justice and two of the following methodology courses: Legal Methods Lab, Advocacy & Litigation, or Qualitative Research Methods. It is strongly recommended that students take Legal Methods Lab as it offers foundational skills for the major. Furthermore, students intending on using qualitative methods (e.g. interviews/focus groups/surveys etc.) for their Capstone are recommended to take the Qualitative Research Methods course.

  • 10 EC: Capstone

  • 10/15 EC: complete additional IJ courses, one of which at the 300-level

Note: it is mandatory to complete at least four courses at the 300-level