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A pre-master track is intended for students who want to start a master in Archaeology, but who have a bachelor’s degree that does not fully meet the requirements of the chosen MA programme.
Deficiencies in the bachelor can be elimiated by means of a pre-master track, with a maximum of 60 ects.

For whom?
The following BA graduates, whose intended MA specialisations do not concur with their previous education, are eligible for a pre-master in Archaeology:

  • Archaeology at Leiden University

  • other Dutch universities and HBO institutes (higher vocational education)

  • foreign universities

What you need in order to be admitted to a pre-master track in Archaeology:

Please note: these conditions will not automatically ensure you of admission to the pre-master track. Every application will be assessed individually.
An interview may be part of the selection procedure.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • Apply for the MA in Archaeology, via the UniLeidenMasters website.

  • The Admission Committee decides if you can be directly admitted to the MA or not. If you need to take a pre-master programme, the Admission Committee will send you a tailor-made proposal for a pre-master track.

  • After your track has been approved, you need to apply for the BA in Archaeology via Studielink.

  • If you have been admitted, send in your definitive pre-master programme before 15 June.

Application deadline
Pre-master tracks start every September 1st. The deadline for application is 15 May.

More information
For additional information and application please contact Audrey Aijpassa.

There are 3 pre-master tracks: 15 ects, 30 ects, and 60 ects (see the tabs below), plus a separate track for 4th-year students at Saxion Next in Deventer.