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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
(A)typical Emotional Development: Autism, Deafness and Somatisation 5
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine 1
A Better World is Possible: The Future of Human Security and Global Governance 5
A Child on a Hill: Research Design for the Arts 5
A Clinical Pharmacologist Approach to Develop a Novel Treatment 4
A Global History of War 10
A Healthy Society: Health Behaviour, Well-Being and the Role of Stress 4
A History of the United Nations 10
A Life of Crime? Poverty, Illegality, and Making Do in the City, 1800-1930 10
A Parting of Ways? Intellectuals and the State in the Long Eighteenth Century 5
A Sacred Language in Modern Times: Language Ideology in the Arabic World 5
A taste of leadership 5
A theoretical research seminar on Language Variation and Language Change in Latin America 10
A Water’s History of the United States 10
A) Arbeidsovereenkomstenrecht 5
Abracadabra: (on)geletterdheid in antieke religies 10
Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Academic cultures: Research communication in the Humanities 5
Academic development (Educational line) 7
Academic Discourse 5
Academic Excellence Programme 15
Academic Pharma 15
Academic Reading and Writing 5
Academic Skills and Thesis Seminar 5
Academic Skills and Thesis Seminar 5
Academic Skills and Thesis Seminar GMD 5
Academic Skills for Evidence-based Policy and Advice 5
Academic Skills II: The Academic Research Paper 5
Academic Skills Tutorial 5
Academic Skills, pre-master 5
Academic Skills: Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis (Sem. II) 5
Academic Skills: Research Design (Sem. I) 5
Academic Writing 5
Academic writing (AWR) 2
Academic Writing and (Re) Presentation 5
Academic Writing and Presenting 10
Academic Writing MasterClass 1
Academic Year in Japan A 15
Academic Year in Japan B 25
Academic Year in Japan C 5
Academisch schrijven, Taalvaardigheid III 5
Academische vaardigheden
Academische vaardigheden (Duitse taal en cultuur)
Academische vaardigheden (Russische studies) 5
Academische vaardigheden en beroepsoriëntatie Pedagogische Wetenschappen jaar 2 2
Academische vaardigheden voor bestuurskundigen 5
Academische vaardigheden: Bio-Ethiek en On Being a Scientist 6
Academische vaardigheden: General Research Skills 5
Academische Vaardigheden: Kwalitatieve en Kwantitatieve Data Analyse (Sem. II) 5
Academische Vaardigheden: Onderzoeksontwerp (Sem. I) 5