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Archaeology (MSc): Palaeoecology

This is a specialisation of the master’s programme of Archaeology.

The Palaeoecology specialisation focuses on a variety of palaeozoological and palaeobotanical topics, ranging in age from the Palaeolithic to the historical periods. The study focuses on palaeo-environmental or palaeo-economical questions as well as on evolutionary aspects of faunal or floral communities or the evolution of species.

Apart from practical work, relevant excursions and fieldwork, a major part of the programme is intended for writing the master’s thesis. In this thesis, the results of practical investigations are presented, combined with literature studies. During the programme, students will be confronted with the application of aDNA and isotope studies in the field of palaeozoological and palaeobotanical research. The regular programme is supplemented with lectures by (international) guest speakers.

Staff: prof. dr M. van Kolfschoten, dr M.H. Field.

Please note: if you want to take this MSc as a second specialisation, you will be invited for a compulsory advisory interview before the start of the programme.