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Museums, Heritage and Collections

Museums are powerful and influential institutions in their ability to shape knowledge and contribute to our identity. What we preserve and how we present our collections and heritage (and of course what we do not preserve and do not exhibit) is closely connected to our identity and culture.

In this multidisciplinary Minor, students will become acquainted with the social and academic debates on museums, cultural heritage and collections. Many different types of museums and collections shall be discussed including art museums, (natural) history museums and ethnographical museums. Students will gain insight into the functions and challenges of these different types of museums and various exhibition concepts and gain an understanding of the pressing ethical issues connected to museums and heritage.

Maximum number of participants: 30
Prospectus number: 5000MUSEAN
Class number: 1033
Language of instruction: English


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

Museums, Cultural Heritage and Collections 10
Topical course Art and the Fabric of Life: The Visual Arts of Africa 5

Second semester

Student may choose 15 ects from the following courses. Please note: the BA 3 seminar Museum, Monuments and Memory is obligatory for all students who do not take an internship.

Curating Cultures 5
Media Worlds 5
Holocaust Icons in Arts, Film and Literature (minor) 5
Seminar BA3: Inventing a Nation. National museums and the formation of identity 10

It is possible to do an internship for 10/15 EC in this minor, replacing one or two obligatory courses. The course MHC is obligatory for all students and may not be replaced by the internship

Bachelor Stage Kunstgeschiedenis 10/15

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  • Extent: 30 ec (spread either over one, or over two semesters)

  • Intended for: the minor Museums, Heritage and Collections is relevant for students interested in studying and/or working in the field of museums and cultural heritage.

  • Language of instruction : English (internships are usually in Dutch)

  • Website: Minoren

  • Coordinator: for questions about the minor programme, please contact the study coordinator

  • Board of examiners: Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen

  • Enrolment through: via uSis from May 1st until July 15th 2020
    NB: After registering for the minor, you must also enroll for the individual courses.


The museum landscape is in constant flux. Controversial exhibitions can ignite heated social debates. Political and social developments throughout the world are changing the curatorial narratives in our museums. In this post-colonial, globalized era, museums are challenged in their exhibitions and collection strategies to cater to both local and international communities.

The lecture series ‘Museums, Cultural Heritage and Collections’ (10 ECTS) forms the intellectual core of this Minor. It provides for an academic reflection on the collecting, presenting, managing and preserving of cultural heritage and on the history and theory of museums and collections in national and international context. Students will also take courses in which they will gain more in-depth knowledge. It is possible to take an internship for 10, 15, or 20 ects in this Minor, replacing other courses in the programme. However, the course 'Museums, Culture Heritage and Collections' is mandatory for all students.