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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Vraagstukken Psychisch Functioneren 5
Vrij keuzeonderdeel 1/10
Vrije Keuzeruimte (Bestuurskunde) 30
Vrije keuzeruimte (Invulling eerste semester Franse taal en cultuur) 15
Vrije keuzeruimte (Invulling tweede semester Franse taal en cultuur) 15
Vrije Keuzeruimte / Minor Afrikaanse Talen en Culturen 15
Vrije Keuzeruimte Farmacie 15
Vrije Keuzeruimte Geneeskunde 6
Vrije Keuzeruimte Jaar 3 30
Vrije Keuzeruimte Oude nabije oosten-studies
Vrije Keuzeruimte Religiewetenschappen 30
Vulnerability, Gender and the Ethics of Care 5
War and Peacebuilding 10
War and remembrance 5
War by Contract? The Drivers and Implications of Security Privatization 10
War in the “Archipel”. The Indonesian decolonization conflict 1945-1950 10
War, Media and Globalisation 5
War, Peace, and Mass Media: The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Public Sphere 10
Water Resources and River Management 5
Weapons of Mass Destruction - Forces and Counterforces 5
Welfare State Economics 5
Wereldliteratuur B 5
Wereldmythen en hun betekenis 5/10
Werkcollege BA2 Kunst en hof: de Europese kunstnijverheid in context c. 1450-1850 5
Werkcollege BA2: Contrareformatie en Kunst 5
Werkstuk 2e jaar Italiaans 5
Werkstuk Afrika 5
Werkstuk/Stage Boek, Boekhandel & Uitgeverij 5
Western Visual Arts and Architecture - 2000 Part I 5
Western Visual Arts and Architecture - 2000 Part II 5
Wetenschappelijk project en masterscriptie 30
Wetenschapsfilosofie 5
Wetenschapsjournalistiek 10
Wetenschapsstage 24
What is Culture? 5
Who Owns Life? Ethical, Juridical, and Artistic Encounters with Biotechnology 5
Why We Rule the World, and How 5
Wicked Problems Lab: working with governance, leadership and social innovation 5
WikiLogic: How the Internet affects the way we think 5
Wiskundige structuren 6
With Dangers Compast Round: Paradise Lost in Context 10
Wittgenstein´s Tractatus 10
Wittgenstein´s Tractatus 10
Woordenschat/Schrijven, Taalvaardigheid II 5
Word and Image in Premodern Japanese Culture (ResMA) 10
Word and Image in Premodern Japanese Culture: Reworking the Classics 10
Word and Meaning 5
Words as Weapons: Rhetorical Effects of Choices in Formulation 5
Work and Stress 5
Working for the Government as ICT Expert 6