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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine 1
Academic development (Educational line) 7
Academic Pharma 15
Academische en Wetenschappelijke Vorming jaar 1 6
Acute en Intensieve Zorg 7
Advanced Fetal and Neonatal Care 15
Advances in Neurophysiology 6
Allogeneic Transplantation and Immunotherapy: From Bench to Bedside 6
Alternative Payment Models 4
Biological Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 6
Biology of vitality and ageing 10
Biomedical Academic Scientific Training for exchange students 2
Biomedical Academic Scientific Training-1 (BAST-1) 5
Biomedical Academic Scientific Training-2 (BAST-2) 2
Biomedical Academic Scientific Training-3 (BAST-3) 2
Biomedical Translational Research in Surgery 6
Biomedisch onderzoek in de geneeskunde 2
Biomoleculen 7
Cancer Immunity and Immunotherapy 15
Cardiometabolic disease 6
Career Orientation 2
Cellulaire communicatie 6
Cellular Therapies 15
Centraal Zenuwstelsel 7
Chemical Biology, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 6
Choose 1
Chronische Aandoeningen 7
CIS: Film-making for scientists 1
CIS: Presenting like a Pro 1
Clinical Immunology 15
Clinical Pharmacology 4
Clinical problems in acute care 6
Clinical problems in ageing: diversity and choices 6
Clinical problems in the general practice setting 6
Clinical problems: from reproduction to adulthood 7
Clinical problems: Observation, Reflection, Action 7
Clinical Research and Practice in Child Psychiatry 15
Clinical Research in Practice 6
Communicatievaardigheden 0
Communication in science (Educational line) 5
Communication in Science for Exchange Students 2
Communication in Science-2 (CiS-2) 2
Communication in Science-3 (CiS-3) 3
Coschap Beschouwend 21
Course on Laboratory Animal Science Basic and Species-Specific Rodent 4
Cutting edge Immunology: from Chemistry to Metabolism 6
Data analysis with R 1
Depression and other Stress Related Disorders 6
Design and Analysis of Biomedical Studies 6
Design, analysis and practical use of biologicals 4