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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
`Ulamâ’ in the Modern Muslim World 10
`Ulamâ’ in the Modern Muslim World (ResMA) 10
‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!' The French Revolution and the Birth of the Republic 10
"Must reads" Italian Literature (individual course) 5
“The Quest for Peace and Justice:” Pacifism and Peace Activism in Twentieth Century America 10
(A)typical Emotional Development: Autism, Deafness and Somatisation 5
(East) Central Europe before and after the Paris Peace Treaties 10
(Inleiding) Jeugdrecht 5
(Internship/Practicum) 5/10
30EC Keuzeruimte BA Engels 30
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine, part A 1
A Century of Modern Dutch Sculpture in an International Perspective 10
A Clinical Pharmacologist Approach to type 2 Diabetes 4
A Europe that serves and protects: the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice 5
A Francophone Maghreb? 5
A History of the United Nations 10
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine, part B 1
A Successful Democracy: The History of the Federal Republic of Germany 10
A theoretical research seminar on Language Variation and Language Change in Latin America 10
A) Profileringsvak: Arbeidsovereenkomstenrecht 5
Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Academic development (Educational line) 5
Academic Discourse 5
Academic Reading and Writing 5
Academic Skills (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
Academic Skills (Taalwetenschap)
Academic Skills I Pre-Master 5
Academic Skills II (Art History): Searching and Processing Information, Writing and Oral Presentation 5
Academic Skills Philosophy I 5
Academic Skills Philosophy II 5
Academic Skills Tutorial (IBP) 5
Academic Skills: Data Analysis 5
Academic Skills: Research Design 5
Academic Writing 5
Academic writing (AWR) 2
Academic Writing and (Re) Presentation 5
Academic Writing and Presenting 10
Academic Year in Japan A 15
Academic Year in Japan B 25
Academic Year in Japan C 5
Academisch schrijven, Taalvaardigheid III 5
Academische vaardigheden 0
Academische Vaardigheden (Oude Nabije Oosten-studies) 0
Academische Vaardigheden (Afrikaanse talen en culturen)
Academische Vaardigheden (Film- en literatuurwetenschap) 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Griekse en Latijnse taal en cultuur) 0
Academische Vaardigheden (Italiaanse taal en cultuur)
Academische Vaardigheden (Japanstudies) 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Koreastudies)
Academische Vaardigheden (Latijns-Amerikastudies)