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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
European Asylum law 5
European Decorative Arts: Positioning a Discipline and the Rijksmuseum Collection 10
European Migration Law 5
European Modernism 10
European Union Law Foundations 5
European Union Law: The Four Freedoms 5
European Union Politics and Policy (minor PA) 5
Europese expansie, globalisering en deglobalisering, 900 - 1500 5
Evolutionary Algorithms 6
Exhibition Research Lab 6
Exo-planets: Interiors and Atmospheres 3
Experimental Methods II: Practicals & Projects 5
Experimental Projects 6
Experimentele Natuurkunde deel I 3
Experimentele Natuurkunde deel II 3
Exploring a Personal Approach in Writing 3
Exploring the Past in the Digital Present 5
Extension Student Research Project 3
Film en filosofie 10
Film Journeys in Brazilian Cinema (LK5) 5
Filmbenaderingen 10
Filmgenres 5
Filosofie & Religie van China 5
Filosofie van het internationaal recht: globalisering en democratie 10
Financial Law 5
fMRI Data and Statistics 5
Fonetiek, Fonologie en Morfologie van het Spaans en het Portugees 5
Forensische aspecten van kindermishandeling 5
Forensische Psychiatrie (keuzevak) 5
Forgery as Historiography in Korean and East Asian History 10
Formeel strafrecht civiel effect 5
Foundations of Software Testing 6
Foundations of Statistics and Machine Learning 6
Fourier Analyse (BM) 6
From Aristotle to Žižek: Approaches to Cultural Analysis 10
From Inkwell to Internet: Text and Transmission in the Muslim World 10
From Inkwell to Internet: Text and Transmission in the Muslim World (ResMA) 10
From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies 5
Frontiers of Measurement Techniques 3
Functional Analysis (MM) 8
Fysica van Leven (van DNA naar Eiwitten) 3
Fysica van Moderne Technologie 3
Galaxies and Cosmology 5
Game Analysis: Games and Cultural Analysis 10
Games and Transmedia Storytelling 5
Geavanceerde Onderwerpen in de Besliskunde (BM) variabel
Gender/genre: New Approaches to the Human in Critical and Cultural Theory 10
General Introduction to Art in China 5
Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Georgian Language for Beginners 5