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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Digital Transformation 5
Diplomacy and Society 5
Diplomat 2.0: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 5
Discrete Besliskunde 6
Displacement, Migration and Diaspora: Anthropological Perspectives on South Asia 10
Distributed Data Processing Systems 6
Diversity Linguistics: Africa, Asia and the Americas 10
Doing the Most Good: Effective Altruism and International Relations 5
Drug Delivery 4
Dutch Debates – Topical Questions in Dutch Society, Culture I 5
Dutch Painting 1400 – 1950: Introduction to the Art History of the Netherlands, Cultuurwetenschap I 5
Dynamica en Chaos 6
Dynamical Systems Seminar - Anthology of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) 6
Dynamics of Molecule-Surface Reactions (DST) 6
Early Cities: A Comparative Perspective 5
Early Empires in West Asia and the Mediterranean 5
Ecofeminism in Island Asia and Oceania 10
Economic Policy in the EU 5
Economie in hoofdlijnen (LAW) 5
Economies of South and Southeast Asia 5
Economies of the Middle East 5
Economische Processen in Latijns-Amerika 5
Econophysics 6
Educational Technologies 6
Effective Field Theory 3
El lugar de lo político en la literatura y el cine latinoamericanos 10
Elective MA Literary Studies German 10
Elective: Anthropology of Japan 10
Electrochemistry (ELE) 6
Elektrische en Magnetische Velden 5
Embedded Systems and Software 6
Emotion and Cognition 5
English-Language Popular Culture 5
Entrepreneurial Finance (Leiden) 5
Entrepreneurship 3
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Leiden) 5
Environmental Psychology 5
Enzyme dynamics: NMR spectroscopy and kinetics (EDNMR) 6
Epistemologie 5
Erfrecht 10
Erzählen über Grenzen - Literaturzirkulation und Kulturtransfer vom Mittelalter bis heute 10
Erzählen über Grenzen - Literaturzirkulation und Kulturtransfer vom Mittelalter bis heute 5
Essay & Colloquium 6
Essentials for Data Science 6
Estado, Sociedad Civil y Políticas Públicas en América Latina 10
Esthetica 5
Ethiek 5
EU and Tax Sovereignty: Discussing the Role of the EU In International Tax Law Making 5
EU Internal Market Law 5
Europa in de Praktijk 5