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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Climate policy and circular economy 5
Clinical adolescent studies (Clinical assessment and treatment) 5
Clinical and Functional Neuroanatomy 6
Clinical Assessment and Treatment: The autism spectrum disorders 5
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 10
Clinical immunology 15
Clinical Interviewing and Assessment 5
Clinical Neuropsychology 10
Clinical Pharmacology 4
Clinical Practical Internship Psychology 20
Clinical problems in acute care 6
Clinical problems in ageing: diversity and choices 6
Clinical problems in the general practice setting 6
Clinical problems: from reproduction to adulthood 8
Clinical problems: Observation, Reflection, Action 7
Clinical Psychology 10
Clinical research and practice in child psychiatry 15
Clinical Research in Practice 6
Clinical skills (Clinical assessment and treatment) 5
Cloud Computing 6
Coaching in Inclusive Education 5
Cognitive Behaviour Interventions 5
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Young People 5
Cognitive Neuroscience 10
Cognitive Neuroscience for AI 6
Cognitive Neuroscience of Action Control 5
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language 10
Cognitive Psychology 5
Cognitive Psychology: Rationality and Emotion in Human Decision Making 5
Cognitive Robotics 6
Cold Cases 5
Collaboration Africa 15
Collective Labour Law 5
Collective Memory & Transitional Justice 10
Colonial and World History: Dutch Sources as Window to the World 5
Colonial Wars: a military perspective on Modern Imperialism and Decolonisation 10
Colonialism and the Representation of Society and State 10
Colonialism in context: British India, c.1750-1950 10
Combinatorial Game Theory (BM) 6
Combinatoriek & Optimalisering 6
Combinatoriek en Optimalisering 6
Common Course: Herodotus and Ancient Civilizations 10
Communicating Across Cultures 5
Communicating Research 3
Communicating through clay in the Ancient Near East 10
Communication in Africa 5
Communication in science (Educational line) 5
Communication in Science for Exchange Students 2
Communication in Science-2 (CiS-2) 2
Communication in Science-3 (CiS-3) 3