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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Creativity and Culture in Contemporary China (ResMA) 10
Crime Analysis 5
Crime and policy in large cities 5
Crime, Criminalisation and the Right to the City 10
Criminal Procedure 10
Criminalistics 10
Criminalistics (elective course) 5
Criminaliteitsbestrijding - wat mag er, wat gebeurt er en wanneer werkt het en wanneer niet? 5
Criminological Research in Practice 10
Criminological Research Methods I 5
Criminological Research Methods II 10
Criminology for Legal Scholars 5
CRiP - Advanced Concepts in Epidemiology 1
Crisis and Risk Communication 10
Crisis Management 10
Crisis, Literature and the Contemporary 10
Critical Approaches to Heritage Studies 5
Critical Area Studies: Placing Your Research 10
Critical Philosophy: Feminism, Gender and Race 10
Critical Theory 10
Critical Theory and Cultural Analysis 10
Critical Thinking, Critical Writing 5
Cross-cultural Psychology of Health and Illness 5
Cross-domain chromatin organisation (CDC) 4
Cross-linguistic Variation in Semantics 10
Cross-media Journalism Research 5
Crucial Skills 2 5
Crusader States in Context: Cultural Diversity in Twelfth-century ‘Frontier Societies’ 10
Cryptographic Engineering 6
Cultural & Visual Analysis 5
Cultural Diversity in Urban Contexts 5
Cultural Heritage in East Asia: dealing with the past in present and future 10
Cultural History of Anatolia 5
Cultural History of Aramaic 10
Cultural History of Iran (cancelled) 5
Cultural Interaction: Conflict and Cooperation 5
Cultural Memory of World War I & II 5
Cultural pages in Italian Newspapers: Writers, Press, History (Corso monografico) 5
Cultural Representation and Signifying Practices 5
Cultural Studies 5
Cultural Translation 5
Culture and Comparison 5
Culture and Conquest: the Impact of the Mongols and their Descendants 10
Culture and Conquest: the Impact of the Mongols and their Descendants (ResMA) 10
Culture and Diversity at Work 5
Culture and Globalisation 5
Culture and Language: Africa 5
Culture and Language: East Asia 5
Culture and Language: Europe 5
Culture and Language: Latin America 5