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First Year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Psychology 5
Developmental and Educational Psychology 5
Social and Organisational Psychology 5
Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology 5
Cognitive Psychology 5
Tutorial Academic Skills 5

Second Year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Experimental and Correlational Research 5
Introduction to Research Methods and Descriptive Statistics 5
Bio- and Neuropsychology 5
History of Psychology 5
Psychology and Science 5
Inferential Statistics 5

Third Year

In het derde jaar volgt de student de onderstaande verplichte vakken. Daarnaast kan hij alvast keuze of verdiepingsvakken volgen, zie voor een opsomming het vijfde jaar.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Attention: theory and practice 5
Psychometrics 5
Psycho Diagnostics 5
Professional Skills 5

Fourth and Fifth year

In the fourth and fifth year the student follows the required courses listed below. He/she can also follow the electives listed below.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Required courses (fourth year)

Groupdynamics 5
Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) 5
Developmental Psychopathology 5
Stress, Health and Disease 5

Required courses (fifth year)

Bachelorproject Psychologie 20

Verdiepings- en keuzevakken binnen psychologie

Biopsychopathology and psychopharmacology 5
Consciousness 5
Consumer Psychology 5
Cultural Aspects of Health and Health Care 5
Culture and Diversity at Work 5
Emotion and Cognition 5
Neurocognitie en Kunstmatige Intelligentie 5
Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour 5
Sexology 5
Field Research (Psychology) 5
Cognitive Intellectual Development 10
Cognitieve Ergonomie 10
Cognitive Neuroscience 10
Health Psychology 10
Clinical Neuropsychology 10
Psychopathology, Psycho Diagnostics and Treatment 10
S&O: Judging and Influencing Behaviour 10
S&O: Cooperation and Conflict 10
Social and Emotional Development 10

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For the timetables please consult Roosters Bachelor (2010-2011).

Additional information

Parttime courses (evening)

The following courses are also offered as evening courses, exclusively for parttime students.

  • Aandacht: theorie en praktijk

  • Interpersoonlijke Beroepsvaardigheden

  • Psychometrie

  • Psychodiagnostiek

  • Multivariate data-analyse (MVDA)

  • Ontwikkelingspsychopathologie (Developmental Psychopathology)

  • Stress, gezondheid en ziekte

  • Bachelorproject Psychologie

  • Coöperatie & Conflict

  • Cognitief-intellectuele ontwikkeling – Van theorie naar praktijk

  • Cognitieve neurowetenschap

  • Gezondheidspsychologie (alleen 2e semester)

  • Psychopathologie, Diagnostiek en Behandeling (alleen 1e semester)

Purchasing study material

The books are available at a discount via the bookshop of the study association Labyrint on presentation of your Labyrint membership pass. Otherwise they can be bought from academic booksellers. *