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Honours College FSW

The Honours College of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW Honours College) at Leiden University offers students who are looking for an extra challenge the opportunity to follow an Honours Track on top of their regular academic course and learn more about other scientific disciplines.
FSW Honours College offers three different tracks:

  • FSW HC – Science and Society Track
    30 EC interdisciplinary programme for deepening and broadening knowledge, within a community of students.

  • FSW HC – Individual Track
    30 EC tailor-made Honours College FSW programme.

  • FSW HC – Double Bachelor +
    Combination of two complete Bachelor degree programs, supplemented by an interdisciplinary Honours Class.

For more information check the FSW Honours College website.

Science & Society

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Bachelor I (5 EC)

Introduction Science & Society. Students follow an established programme of 5 EC.

Science and Society I: An Introduction 5

Bachelor II (15 EC)

The relationship between science and society is explored in greater depth. Beside two joint field trips, students choose there own programme of 15 EC.

The programme consists of at least 3 EC, chosen from the regular Honours Courses:

Leadership 5
Doing REAL Research: Researcher in a Digital Society 5
Triple S: Sleep? Do we really need it? 3
Triple S: Moralizers Through and Through 2
Triple S: Prevention and repression of juvenile delinquency 3

Elective Honours Courses

If necessary additional courses can be chosen from the elective Honours Courses to reach 15 EC.
NB. Only one course from a regular Bachelor degree programme is allowed.

How does science helps practice evolve (and the other way around)? 5
Honours Lectures 5
Honours Class (Honours College FSW) 5
LUC - Course from Leiden University College 5
Lecture series 1
Lectures & Journalism 3
Honours Mini Research Internship 1
Internship 1

Bachelor III (10 EC)

The programme for year three of the Honours College FSW entails 10 EC and is the final year of the Science & Society track.

Science & Society III 2
Honours Class (Honours College FSW) 5
Extended Bachelor's Thesis 3


For students who are looking for an extra challenge, and want to go beyond the confines of the regular FSW Honours College programme. The starting point for this track is that you yourself put forward a package, with an overall linking theme, on the basis of your own vision and ambitions for your future career. What do you believe will best prepare you for your later mission in your professional life?
Let's take an example. Imagine you see yourself working for an international organization. Then you could think of enriching your knowledge by taking courses in communication, broadening your specific field by taking language courses or courses in international law, for instance, and, if possible, extending your BA thesis with a relevant extra component.

Admission requirements

  1. You should have a GPA of 7.5 or higher and be on track to complete your studies within the prescribed time.
  2. Your FSW Honours Coach must approve your plan for your Individual Track before you start. The plan must also be approved by the Board of Examiners of the FSW Honours College.

Content of the FSW Honours College Individual Track

The Honours Individual Track amounts to 30 ECs in total
1. Honours courses (10 EC or more) from the programme offered by the FSW Honours College and the Honours Academy (see link). This should include at least one Honours Class offered by the Honours Academy.
2. Courses from the regular range (bringing your total up to 30 ECs) This can involve a combination of courses from your own degree programme and other programmes; i.e., courses from the regular degree programmes of other disciplines at the FSW or at other Faculties.

  • You may take a maximum of 2 courses from your own discipline, but they should always be of a higher level than your current year (so if you're in Year 2, you should choose courses of level 300 or higher; if you're in Year 3, level 400). In addition, you do an extra Honours assignment for these courses. But take note: these courses do not count for credits in your own degree programme.

  • If you choose courses from other degree programmes, they too should be at level 300 if you're in Year 2, and level 400 if you're in Year 3.

  • A 3 EC supplement to your Bachelor's thesis for extra deepening or broadening of your research.

Procedure for admission to the FSW Honours College Individual Track

There are several steps to the admissions process.
If you meet the GPA and target completion requirements, you can enrol as a candidate for the FSW Individual Honours Track by clicking on this link.

  • You then consult with your Honours Coach about your proposal for the Individual Track, which should be as concrete as possible.

  • You submit the final proposal for your Individual Track to the Board of Examiners of the FSW Honours College, who will approve it or suggest amendments.
    Once your proposal has been approved, you will have two progress review interviews per academic year with your Honours Coach. If it turns out you need to modify your Individual Track as you go along, first consult your Honours Coach. You will then need to submit your revised proposal to the FSW Honours College Board of Examiners for re-approval.

Putting together your individual plan

  • a description of your personal learning pathway, and

  • an explanation of why you believe the individual programme you propose is 'Honours-worthy'

So your Honours plan is a personal learning pathway that you have thought up and planned independently, and which you explain in a coherent and structured proposal. You should describe and explain:
1. what interconnected or thematic learning objective(s) you wish to achieve,
2. what specific learning outcome(s) and/or objectives of the FSW Honours College the learning objective relates to, and
3. how your proposal will enable you to achieve these learning outcomes and/or objectives.

Learning outcomes of the FSW Honours College

  • HC students have a knowledge of the similarities and differences between the ways knowledge is acquired in the various academic disciplines.

  • HC students are capable of asking insightful questions about the interaction between science and society.

  • HC students can adopt various perspectives to arrive at solutions to problems.

  • HC students are reflective and have a curious and critical attitude.

Check the website for additional information.

Double Bachelor+

The Honours College FSW offers a special programme for students with two bachelor’s courses. Beside completing their bachelor’s courses, students are expected to compelte a Honours Class (5 EC).

Applying for the Double Bachelor+ programme is possible till the end of the second year (of the first started study) en if the following requirements are met:

  • The student takes two Bachelor’s courses, one at Leiden University Social Sciences faculty;

  • The student has good grades and is looking for an extra challenge;

  • The student has a nominal study progress for both Bachelor’s courses.

Check the website.