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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
`Ulamâ’ in the Modern Muslim World 10
`Ulamâ’ in the Modern Muslim World (ResMA) 10
'Boom and bust'. Een geschiedenis van financiële crises vanaf 1500 10
'Intimate strangers'. Koloniale ontmoetingen en ideeën over verschil 10
"A Jew for the Jews and a Greek for the Greeks". Paul of Tarsos and the Expansion of Early Christianity 10
"All that is Solid Melts into Code": How Big Data is Changing the World 5
"Must reads" Italian Literature (individual course) 5
(A)typical Emotional Development: Autism, Deafness and Somatisation 5
(De)colonizing knowledge: Women folklore collectors and travelling ethnographers in the colonized Americas 5
(Inleiding) Accounting (ESE) 8
(Inleiding) Jeugdrecht 5
(Internship/Practicum) 5/10
(Re)framing Past and Present in Narrative Sources from the Low Countries (c. 1250-c.1800) 10
[Canceled] Georgian Language for Beginners 5
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine, part A 1
A Better World is Possible: The Future of Human Security and Global Governance 5
A Century of Modern Dutch Sculpture in an International Perspective 10
A Clinical Pharmacologist Approach to Combat a Viral Pandemic 4
A Global Revolution? Change and Innovation in Afro-Eurasia in the Hellenistic and Roman Period (250 BC – AD 250) 5
A History of the United Nations 10
A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine, part B 1
A theoretical research seminar on Language Variation and Language Change in Latin America 10
A) Profileringsvak: Arbeidsovereenkomstenrecht 5
Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Academic development (Educational line) 7
Academic Discourse 5
Academic Reading and Writing 5
Academic Skills (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
Academic Skills (Taalwetenschap) 0
Academic Skills and Thesis Seminar 5
Academic Skills I Pre-Master 5
Academic Skills II (Art History): Searching and Processing Information, Writing and Oral Presentation 5
Academic Skills Tutorial (IBP) 5
Academic Skills: Data Analysis 5
Academic Skills: Research Design 5
Academic Writing 5
Academic writing (AWR) 2
Academic Writing and (Re) Presentation 5
Academic Writing and Presenting 10
Academic Year in Japan A 15
Academic Year in Japan B 25
Academic Year in Japan C 5
Academisch schrijven, Taalvaardigheid III 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Oude Nabije Oosten-studies) 0
Academische Vaardigheden (Afrikaanse talen en culturen)
Academische vaardigheden (Dutch Studies) 0
Academische Vaardigheden (Film- en literatuurwetenschap) 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Italiaanse taal en cultuur)
Academische Vaardigheden (Japanstudies) 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Koreastudies) 0