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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
"All that is Solid Melts into Code": How Big Data is Changing the World 5
(De)colonizing knowledge: Women folklore collectors and travelling ethnographers in the colonized Americas 5
Advanced topics in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing 10
Ageing and Vitality 5
Argumentative and Rhetorical Strategies 5
Beyond the Boundaries of Healthcare 5
Big data: Philosophical perspectives on the algorithmic turn 5
Christianity, Nationhood, and Citizenship: Historical Perspectives on the Dutch Case (16th Century-Present) 10
Circular Economy: from Challenge to Opportunity 10
Creative Writing: Het Verrassende Nut van Fictie - SEM1 5
Creative Writing: Het Verrassende Nut van Fictie - SEM2 5
Crime, Data, and Ethics: The Application of Computational Research Methods in Criminology 5
Data Science 5
Dialogues in Past and Present: Human interaction and the construction of meaning 5
Effectief besturen door het vergroten van je persoonlijke vaardigheden 5
Evolution of Earth and Life, examining today's evidence for Origins questions along the coast of Brittany 5
Flourishing, The Science and Practice of Well-being 5
Getting smarter with Virtual & Augmented Reality 5
Inequalities in the 21st century 5
Innovating Health and Well-being through Entrepreneurship 5
International Relations: on diplomacy and negotiations 5
Introduzione alla filologia italiana. Editare un testo in Italiano 10
Italiano L2 e metodi per l’apprendimento dell’italiano come L2 10
Kijken is de (genees)kunst 5
L’italiano contemporaneo 10
Language, Power and Identity 5
Leiden Revisited: Social Control and Social Cohesion in Insecure Times 10
Motivation 5
Music in Contemporary Society: Its Role, Function and Position 5
Neglected Art: The Grotesque & Caricatures 5
Negotiation and Conflict Management - SEM1 (EN) 5
Negotiation and Conflict Management - SEM2 (EN) 5
Negotiation and Conflict Management - SEM2 (NL) 5
Ondernemerschap en psychologie: over het belang van falen om succesvol te kunnen zijn 5
Organ transplantation 5
Policy & Politics: Struggling to combat social inequalities 5
Publiek vertrouwen in de rechtspraak in grootstedelijke gebieden met sociaal-economische problematiek 5
Radical Enlightenment: Science, Religion and Philosophy, 1600-1700 5
Ritual Art and Cultural Heritage of Insular Southeast Asia 5
Smart regional integration? Comparative lessons for a lean and legitimate EU 5
Social Innovation in Action 10
Students as Partners: Innovating Education through Action Research 5
The Epic Course: A Pre-Modern Genre in the Modern Digital Realm 10
The Many Faces of Translation: Language, Culture and Power 5
The Past at Play! 5
The Sounding City 5
The Truth behind Quantified self: the reality of using data from smartphone sensors to Instagram posts to enhance human health & performance 5