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Earth, Energy, and Sustainability

At the start of the 20th century there were fewer than 2 billion people. Now at 7 billion, Earth’s population is on target to reach 8 billion by 2027. How has this dramatic increase in human population impacted Earth’s life support systems and natural resources? What are some of the key sustainability challenges confronting society at the moment and in the future? And what is being (or can be) done to mitigate some of these challenges?

The BSc Earth, Energy and Sustainability operates at the forefront of the field of environmental sciences, with a balance between understanding key concepts within a classroom setting, and applying the gained knowledge in real-life situations. Courses are focused around three major themes (tracks), including Ecosystems Health, Earth Systems Science, and Energy and Natural Resources. Additionally, the major includes methodology courses in Quantitative Methods, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Modelling, and Field Methods.

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