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Human Diversity (LUC)

Globalization makes us all aware of how closely we are connected to the actions of people who are far distant from us. Human migration, social media, and economic liberalization simultaneously reshape local environments, bringing the seemingly ‘distant’ into close proximity.

Given these developments, how can individuals and communities devise ways to share resources and negotiate conflicts without succumbing to fear, xenophobia, racism, or violence? How can we understand the roots and grapple with the consequences of a wide variety of human differences – be they defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, income, ability, language, religion, nationality, or any number of other factors? These are the big questions you will take on in the Human Diversity major.

Major tracks:

  • Core track 1: Time & Place

  • Core track 2: Cultural Expression

  • Core track 3: Societies & Identities

  • Languages (co-convened)

  • Gender Studies (co-convened)

Major requirements:

  • 15 EC: all three 100-levels of the core tracks, namely What is Culture?, Birth of the Modern World, and Social Theory in Everyday Life

  • 10 EC: two methodology courses

  • 10 EC: Capstone

  • 45 EC: Additional courses in the Major, either in core tracks or co-convened tracks, to include at least four 300-level courses

Major overview: Link