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Security, Safety and Justice

Why is security such an issue? What is the meaning of the concept “safety”, and how do we deal with it? What is the connection between security and justice? What can we do to improve security? The media pays attention to these questions every day, so it is not surprising the topic deserves academic attention as well. This minor will provide you with the basic academic knowledge to understand the background of these questions better, with an emphasis on the “security” element. The minor SSJ enables you to broaden your horizon regarding current topics in society.

The knowledge basis is multidisciplinary, and centers around three broad academic themes:

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Justice

These themes are chosen because they are connected to specific academic fields. Security is related to criminology, antiterrorism, and security management; safety is directly related to the technical and sociological aspects of security management; and justice relates to legal studies. Knowledge of all of these fields is necessary to understand security and safety issues. In that way, the minor SSK is multidisciplinary, combining technical and non-technical topics.

To be able to cope with this broad spectrum of knowledge areas TU Delft and Leiden University set up a cooperation at the Campus The Hague. Leiden University primarily contributes to the public administration side, as well as legal and antiterrorism studies. TU Delft contributes in the areas of technical risk analyses and system analyses. In the past, this cooperation has proven to be successful in addressing the multidisciplinary topic. The minor SSJ is accessible to bachelor students of TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University, but bachelor students from other universities can apply as well. Thus, the minor enables students to broaden their horizon, working together with colleagues from other Universities.

Program 2015-2016

The minor consists of 6 courses of 5 ECTS each. It takes place during the first semester, and is divided into two blocks of eight weeks each. In every block, three courses are taught.

In case you failed one or more courses of this minor

The minor has to be completed within one year; this is because of the varying offer each year. However, if you failed one or more courses there is still a chance to finish it. First of all, inform the study adviser should you fail one or more courses. The study adviser will check between 15 and 31 August if you can still finish the minor. This depends on whether or not the same course is still being offered (amongst other things). Please note: there is no guarantee that you can finish the lacking course(s) next academic year!

Start seminar

The start of the minor consists of a three day seminar in the first week of September 2015. Students are given guest lectures by security professionals, and all lecturers present their courses.

Goals and target audience

The minor is multidisciplinary in nature, and is taught by lecturers from both the Faculty Campus The Hague and from TU Delft. The
location where the minor takes place is in The Hague. The minor is open for all University students, but is most closely related to studies in public administration, Law, History, and Philosophy. Priority will be given to students from Leiden Univerisity, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam. If there are still places available, students from other Universities will also be admitted.


Students from Leiden University can register for the minor SSJ, via U-Sis from 1 May 2015 until 15 August 2015 via Usis 6000MSSJN.

We ask the students of Leiden University to register only via Leiden, the students of Delft only via Delft University. In June will be more information delivered about registration.
Students of the EUR and external studentare asked to register only at one ot the two universities. De EUR students via the new webform (use the link below). External students can register via the university and/or minor coordinator of their chosen minor.

Admission, registration and enrolment

Students from Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam with a 15 EC minor-program will take 3 courses:

  • Law and Security

  • Researching Crisis and Security Management

  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing theory and practice


For your questions about registration, contact the 071 – 527 1111 or

Other questions:


The SSJ minor courses will take place at Campus The Hague, in different locations. All locations are a maximum 10 minute walk from station The Hague Central.


The minor SSJ gives insight into security issues you read about in the newspaper: terrorist threats, criminality, integrated security and stability. Basic knowledge and research techniques are acquired following three themes: security, safety, and justice.
The insights and analyses are applied to current topics, for example in the transport sector, critical infrastructure, and ICT security.

After completion of the minor, students have:

  • An applicable basis knowledge of the issues regarding Security, Safety and Justice,

  • Knowledge of basic analysis techniques for SSJ that can be applied in realistic scenarios,

  • The knowledge to develop technical and organizational risk management solutions on the basis of risk analyses,

  • The ability to relate what was taught to their own fields of interest,

  • Analyzed a particular SSJ subject in a more thorough way.


The schedule for the minor can be found following this link

Extra information

Several SSJ courses are taught in English. Please check the individual course descriptions for more information.