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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic Skills I (Filosofie, Standaardtraject) 5
Academic Skills II (Art History): Searching and Processing Information, Writing and Oral Presentation 5
Academic Skills Tutorial (IBP) 5
Administrative Law 5
Administrative Law (Ba) 5
Administrative Tax Law 10
Approaches to Literature 2 10
Argumentative and Rhetorical Strategies 5
Bachelor Project IBP 15
Bachelor Thesis: Tax Law 5
Bachelor Thesis: Tax Talents Class 5
Bachelorproject Psychology 15
Behaviour and Interaction in Organizations 5
Bestuurskundig onderzoek (NL Premaster) 5
Board the Blockchain Train! Understanding and applying a revolutionary phenomenon 5
Capita Selecta Corporation tax 5
Circular Economy: from Challenge to Opportunity 10
Classical Readings: Descartes Meditationes 5
Comparative and Private International Law 5
Comparative Sexual Orientation Law 5
Constitutional Law 5
Consultancy Skills 3
Contemporary Issues - Privatissimum 5
Core curriculum: Introduction to Literary Theory 5
Criminal Procedure 10
Crises in Biology: Animal Life from the Late Precambrian to the Emergence of Land Life 5
De lens van Van Leeuwenhoek: Nederlandse wetenschapsgeschiedenis in verhalen en collecties 5
Digital Government-Citizen Interaction 3
Discipline and Place in the Social Sciences and the Humanities 0
Doing REAL research: discover your research talents 5
Dutch Tax Law 5
Early Music Lectures 0
English-language Popular Culture 5
Epistemology 5
Ethiek (Filosofie) 5
European Law 5
European Tax Law 10
F) Specialised Course: Rent Law 5
Final Paper Bachelor Art History 10
Fine Arts: Drawing 1 5
Fine Arts: Drawing 2 5
Fine Arts: Graphic design 1 5
Fine Arts: Graphic design 2 5
Fine Arts: Painting 1 5
Fine Arts: Painting 2 5
Fine Arts: Photography 1 5
Fine Arts: Photography 2 5
Focus on Italy 5
Freshman's Class / Academic Skills I seminar: On the Scholarly Study of Art and its History 5
Freshman's Class / Academic Skills I seminar: On the Scholarly Study of Art and its History 5